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Definition geosynchronous orbit
OED requirements antedating 1974
Earliest cite Howard Miles, "Artificial satellite observing and its applications"
Comment Mike Christie has submitted a 1976 Keith Laumer cite from Analog.
Bill Mullins submitted a 1974 cite from "Artificial satellite observing and its applications" by Howard Miles.

Earliest cite in the OED: 1983.

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1974 H. Miles Artificial Satellite Observing & Applications 30 With Early Bird (6 April 1965) a Clarke orbit was achieved.
1976 K. Laumer in Analog Dec. 175/1, I just read and like the July issue, incidentally noticing that both Arthur Clarke and Norman Spinrad made use of a term which I have long considered unnecessarily clumsy, to wit ‘synchronous’, as ‘geo-synchronous orbit’. For some time in my work I have employed the term ‘Clarke orbit’, which is simple and gives Arthur the credit due to him. I hereby propose that you throw the weight of Analog behind this usage, and pretty soon everybody will say ‘Clarke orbit’.
1984 K. S. Robinson Icehenge (1990) 208 Well, Connie, we're in a Clarke orbit, so we don't have to worry about orbital velocity.