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Definition one who teleports
OED requirements antedating 1963
Earliest cite 'M. Phillips' 'The Impossibles'
Comment Dr. M. Lohr submitted a 1979 cite from Robert Sheckley's "I can teleport to anywhere". Katrina Campbell submitted a 1973 cite from Julian Gregory and Roger Price's "The Tomorrow People in The Visitor". Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a reprint of Mark Phillips "The Impossibles"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1963 first edition. Douglas Winston submitted a 1998 cite from Eric Nylund's "Signal to Noise". Douglas Winston submitted a 1967 cite from Richard Grey Sipes' "Of Terrans Bearing Gifts". Rick Hauptmann submitted a 2003 cite from Michael Swanwick's "Legions in Time".
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1963 ‘M. Phillips’ Impossibles 152 It doesn't do much good to know where a teleporter is , Malone thought. But it's extremely handy to know where he's going to be. And if you also know what he plans to do when he gets where he's going, you've got an absolute lead-pipe cinch to work with.
1967 R. G. Sipes Of Terrans Bearing Gifts in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact May 31/2 ‘In a like manner, how could the alleged teleporter work? If one were to “teleport”,’ he spit out the word as if it had a nasty taste, ‘to a greater or lesser distance from the center of our planet, energy would be gained or lost.’
1973 J. R. Gregory & R. Price Tomorrow People in Visitor 6 Close to him stood the teleporter–the large jaunting-vehicle which could transmit the Tomorrow People and their equipment to any corner of the universe, just as swiftly as Stephen had come here from his own sitting-room.
1979 R. Sheckley I can teleport Myself to Anywhere in M. Jakubowksi Twenty Houses of Zodiac 75 I can teleport myself to anywhere in the universe. This may seem an enviable ability to those who do not possess it, but I can assure you that it raises more difficulties than it solves. I found this out recently when I decided to make my first real journey as a teleporter. The latent ability had developed in me only a year before that, and I had used it at first rather timidly, and mainly in my own apartment, popping in and out of rooms and scaring my cat so badly that she took off and has never come back.
1998 E. S. Nylund Signal To Noise xii. 203 ‘Wheeler's latest trade. It uses the same cracks in space that the isotope communicates through, only it sends matter, not light.’ They sat silent a heartbeat, then Isabel picked the sphere up gingerly, as if it might explode. ‘What does that mean precisely?’‘Don't touch it,’ he warned her. She set it back on the desk. ‘For lack of a better word?a teleporter.’
2003 M. Swanwick Legions in Time in Asimov's Sci. Fiction Apr. 76 Something that a day ago she would have sworn couldn't exist. A teleporter, perhaps, or a time machine.