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Definition one who studies xenobiology
OED requirements antedating 1954
Earliest cite 1954 R. Heinlein 'The Star Lummox'
Last modified 31 July, 2019

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1971 U. K. Le Guin Lathe of Heaven (1973) x. 160 They're intelligent but Irchevsky, our best xenobiologist, thinks they may not be rational at all.
1982 C. Yoke From Alienation to Personal Triumph in T. Staicar Feminine Eye (1982) ix. 117 Events again force her to rely on alienated individuals: Hywel, her husband?and Tam, the shape-changing, alien, xenobiologist.
1991 O. S. Card Xenocide v. 73 Only a few people understood how much was riding on the work that Ela and Novinha, as Lusitania's xenobiologists were doing.
1994 Interzone July 9/1 The search was for life. Those drones which returned–about 30 per cent–came back with an increasingly dismal picture. The ubiquitous gas giants were targeted first. All were sterile, a puzzle to prospective xenobiologists.
1996 J. Gunn Joy Machine iii. 37 A group of xenobiologists believed it was close to opening communication.
1996 B. Aldrin & J. Barnes Encounter with Tiber 473 Xenobiologists–a field that had come into existence in four years flat and now boasted four monthly journals–had managed to establish that the tissues of all the dead Tiberians had various kinds of damage brought on by the way their immune systems reacted to long-term exposure to Earth proteins, so they not only had to have been to the Earth, they had to have spent years here eating the food.
1999 M. J. Friedman My Brother's Keeper i. vi. 72 One was Mayhar-Perth, the xenobiologist.
2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora's Star v. 118 What CST actually conducted was planetary surveys, the province of geologists and xenobiologists; they weren't interested in the void between the stars, there was no striving to bridge the distance.