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Definition The world on which an individual was born, or on which a species originated
OED requirements antedating 1900
Earliest cite George Griffiths, A Honeymoon in Space
Comment Bill Seabrook submitted a cite from a 1968 reprint of Theodore Sturgeon's "If All Men Were Brothers Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?" from Harlan Ellison's anthology "Dangerous Visions".
Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of Frank Herbert's "Dune"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1963 first magazine appearance.
Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of Harlan Ellison's "Run for the Stars"; Mike Christie verified the cite in a 1959 printing.
Mike Christie submitted a 1945 cite from John Campbell's "In Times To Come" column in Astounding.
Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1985 reprint of David Drake's "Cross the Stars"; Douglas Winston verified the cite in the 1984 first edition.
Enoch Forrester submitted a 1987 cite from John M. Ford's "How Much for Just the Planet?".
Imran Ghory submitted a cite from a 1999 reprint of David Brin's 2000 "Foundation's Triumph".
Ralf Brown submitted citations for "home-world" from the 1900 serialization in Pearson's Magazine of George Griffith's "A Honeymoon in Space"
Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from John W. Campbell Jr.'s "Invaders From the Infinite"
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Citations for homeworld n.

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1900 G. Griffith Visit to Moon in Pearson's Magazine Jan. 21 Zaidie stood gazing for nearly an hour at this marvellous vision of the home-world which she had left so far behind her before she could tear herself away and allow her husband to shut the slides again.
1932 J. W. Campbell Invaders from Infinite in Amazing Stories Q. Spring 154/1 But I am afraid that it will be all we can do to protect our own world if this enemy attacks soon, and I fear they will. Since they have a base in this universe, it is impossible to believe that all ships did not report back to the home world at stated intervals.
1953 A. Norton Star Rangers iv. 52 Rolth used a palm disrupter as lightly as a color brush to etch into its side the name, homeworld, and the rank of that thin wasted body they had laid to rest there.
1959 C. Oliver Transfusion in W. F. Nolan Edge of Forever (1971) 78 Man, the first animal to substitute cultural growth for physical change, was an immediate success. His tolls and his weapons grew even more efficient. On his home world, Man was a patient animal–but he was Man.
1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 47 But you have no reason to fear, for I'm going to offer you a deal far superior to anything you had as mere Kyben soldiers on conquest missions for your home world.
1967 ‘T. Sturgeon’ If All Men were Brothers (1968) 118 So Charli went back, and saw (after a due delay) the Archive Master, and learned what he learned, and came out and looked about him at his home world and, through that, at all the worlds like it; and then he went to the secret place where the Vexveltian ship was moored, and it opened to him. Tyng was there, Tamba, and Vorhidin. Charli said, ‘Take me home.’
1970 A. McCaffrey Ship who Sang (1991) iv. 134 ‘Well, we'll give it the old home-world try’, Helva said.
1975 D.J. Pfeil Voyage to Forgotten Sun 17 Out of the laboratories of the home world came a bomb capable of exploding a sun! A nova bomb, that could erase every trace of life from a system and leave it completely uninhabitable.
1981 C. J. Cherryh Pride of Chanur (1991) i. 8 Get the smell of the home-world wind in her nostrils for a few months.
1984 D. Brin Practice Effect xii.iv.275 Yet they could not help without risking a spread of the infection to the home world.
1984 D. Brin Practice Effect i.iii.13 I'll go through the zievatron and visit his homeworld for you.
1984 D. Drake Cross Stars 218 We will get you to your homeworld at least as quickly as any other system of freighter connections is likely to do.
1984 D. Drake Cross Stars 2 We got a homeworld query on one of our veterans. Do you remember Captain Don Slade?
1985 B. Hambly Ishmael x. 145 It must have been at that point that Khalaru had been sent back to his homeworld.
1987 J. M. Ford How Much for Just Planet? 43 ‘It's a pretty place, really,’ Trofimov said, looking at the stream, the mountains, the rising moon. Reynaud II, her homeworld, had no mountains near its inhabited areas, and no moon at all.
1987 D. Brin Uplift War 251 Messages had already been sent to the Roost Masters on the homeworld, but if need be a senior bureaucrat would be elevated on the spot.
1987 O. Butler Dawn (1991) i. v. 37, I remember every one that has taken place in my family since we left the homeworld.
1989 A. D. Foster Quozl i. 4 Pressure existed on the homeworld to expand despite all the chemical restraints.
1989 D. Dvorkin & D. Dvorkin Star Trek: Next Generation: Captains' Honor i. 33 Jenny swallowed the appetizer–and was surprised to find the dish remarkably similar to one of her homeworld's own delicacies.
1990 I. Watson Flies of Memory i. 61 Perhaps they could willfully ‘forget’ the distance from their home world.
1991 A. D. Foster Cat.a.lyst xiv. 215 The agency on Booj, our homeworld, which keeps an eye on all registered transmitters, reported that several in this vicinity had unexpectedly been reactivated.
1991 A. D. Foster Call to Arms (1993) i. 2 Early evolution had been entirely instinct-driven. Amplitur lying quietly in the warm waters of the homeworld, barely able to hunch about on muddy shorelines on as yet undeveloped legs as their sensitive tentacles probed the mud.
1992 R. M. Meluch Queen's Squadron 17 Aithar's sun commanded a stargate by which allies of Telegonia, especially Earth, had access to the Empire's homeworld of Eta Cassiopeia A IV.
1993 D. Carey Great Starship Race Prologue 3 When we return to the homeworlds, you?will be removed from my swarm.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 40/2 Nothing important. A saying from my homeworld.
1993 Sci. Fiction Stud. Nov. 403 As these nomads wander the galaxy, ‘the one direction that's closed’ to them is the one that would lead them back to their ‘homeworld.’
1993 D. Beason & K. J. Anderson Assemblers of Infinity xxxviii. 320 He had pondered the arches, the secondary structures, trying to infer something about the alien builders, a hint as to their mind-set, their purpose, or their home world.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 162 Crossing the Earthgate corridor filled with artwork created by the homeworld's children ?
1993 V. E. Mitchell Windows on Lost World vii. 81 The patterns proclaimed the glories of the homeworld.
1994 Sci. Fiction Age July 84/3 Their homeworld is convincingly exotic.
1994 Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan. 132/2 Such speculations divide our energies and will cripple our efforts to learn the Un-Kin language before their messengers return from their home world.
1997 R. Hatch & C. Golden Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon xx. 245 These were the true Cylons. I've never seen one, but I'm told they still exist on the Cylon homeworld.
1999 C. Pellegrino & G. Zebrowski Star Trek Next Generation: Dyson Sphere i. 7 The surface of Captain Dalen's Homeworld had been nothing except the cold vacuum of empty space, and any who had tunneled straight up and broken through were gushed out, naked, onto an airless deathscape.
1999 C. Pellegrino & G. Zebrowski Star Trek Next Generation: Dyson Sphere iv. 67 We've just sighted a ship coming around the far side of the homeworld.
1999 D. Brin Foundation's Triumph (2000) 366 This fit what Goron said earlier–that the empire once attempted restoration of the homeworld.
2000 A. Reynolds Revelation Space xii. 201 But eventually–two or three billion years after life had first arisen on their homeworlds–some of these cultures had become spacefaring.
2000 Interzone Oct. 31/3 The exiles need only follow the map to the hidden backup and hit the restore button for a complete homeworld to be accreted from space dust and seeded with the genomic panspermy from the Titan's databanks.
2001 Dreamwatch Oct. 8/1 The new show?opens with Bakula leading the crew of the first Starship Enterprise on a mission to return an injured Klingon to the homeworld.
2002 J. E. Czerneda To Trade Stars 32, I opened my mouth to contradict his humanocentric view of things, given the Heerii Drapsk had found the Rugheran homeworld and I, another non-Human, had already had a more-or-less successful encounter with a member of the species.
2002 Cult Times Apr. 48/3 To stop retribution, he offers to take out the barely Space-ready Enterprise, Starfleet's first experimental starship and return the Klingon to his homeworld.
2003 Cult Times May 40/1 Kosh tests Delenn's suitability for the task ahead with Sebastian, a Human from Earth's 19th Century, and G'Kar attempts to find help for his lost homeworld.
2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora's Star xviii. 585 All other animal life had finally been exterminated from the Prime homeworld during the last expansion over the temperate lands.
2005 Apex Sci. Fiction & Horror Digest Autumn 109 Lycern has fled her homeworld in hopes of avoiding the marriage and is suspected of hiding out with an enigmatic cult.