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Definition a subgenre of science fiction that employs some of cyberpunk's themes, especially the exploration of the effects of a high rate of technological change on society, but rejects the alienation and dystopianism of cyberpunk
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Earliest cite Martin Wooster in Nova Express
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 2000 cite from Gardner Dozois' introduction to Michael Swanwick's "Moon Dogs". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1998 cite from a letter by Martin Wooster in Nova Express.

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2000 G. Dozois Michael Swanwick: Chameleon Eludes Net in M. Swanwick Moon Dogs 12 Similarly, Swanwick is now widely accepted as having written one of the two main ‘Post-Cyberpunk’ works with Stations of the Tide (the other is Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash )–but if you go back and look at works such as ‘Ginungagap’, you can see that he was writing stuff that resembles ‘post-cyberpunk’then , before the Cyberpunk Revolution had even really gotten underway.