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Definition In allusive use. Something resembling or likened to Doctor Who's TARDIS; spec.: (a) a thing which has a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests; a building, etc., that is larger on the inside than it appears from the outside; (b) a thing seemingly from another time (past or future).
OED requirements antedating 1985
Earliest cite in Christian Science Monitor 30 Apr.
Comment We don't need quotes referring directly to Dr. Who's time machine.

Added to the OED in June 2002.

Last modified 30 July, 2019

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2002 TV Zone No. 157 6/2 This item of street furniture has been the TV programme Dr Who[sic], provided by the BBC where it is a ‘Tardis’, a fictional Time-travelling machine with the external appearance of a Police Box.
2003 Dreamwatch Aug. 78/1 There's no TARDIS, no wandering in time and space and no Daleks. Instead, the Doctor enjoys his adventures in the ‘possibility generator,’ a kind of VR machine in which he meets Hannibal attempting his crossing of the Alps.
2007 C. Stross Halting State (2008) 295 ‘Imagine you were a time-traveller from the 1980s, say 1984, and you stepped out of your TARDIS right here, outside, uh, West Port Books.’ (Which tells you where you are.) ‘Looking around, what would you see that tells you you're not in Thatcherland anymore?’