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Definition an organization of (often science fiction) fans that publishes a periodical containing works by most or all of the members
OED requirements antedating 1950
Earliest cite R. Lowndes 'Custodian's Benefit'
Comment From the initials of Amateur Press Association.

Leah Zeldes submitted a 1959 cite from Fancyclopedia II. Jamie Morris submitted a 1950 cite from Robert Lowndes' "Custodian's Benediction". Enoch Forrester submitted a 1998 cite from an interview with Toni Weisskopf in Speculations. Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a 1978 reprint of Brian Ash's 1977 "A Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction". Enoch Forrester submitted a 1981 cite from an article by David Nalle in Dragon Magazine. Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1979 cite from Darrell Schweitzer's "Occasionally Mentioning Science Fiction."

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1979 Sci. Fiction Rev. Jan. 33/3 A fanzine for general circulation in fandom is called a genzine (general interest fanzine) as opposed to one for an amateur press association (apa) which is called an apazine.