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Definition the milieu of (usually science fiction) conventions
OED requirements antedating 1986
Earliest cite Dave Langford, Ansible #45
Comment Gary McGath submitted a 1989 cite from Susan Shwartz, from an article written for the 1989 Worldcon program book. Mary Aileen Buss submitted a 1987 cite from Sharyn McCrumb's "Bimbos of the Death Sun". Dave Langford submitted a cite from Ansible #45, February 1986

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Citations for condom n.

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1986 D. Langford Ansible Feb. 4/1 (heading) CONDOM
1987 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun iii. 32 Jay Omega followed his guide into the more commercial sphere of?he had heard the term ‘fandom’, but could one say ‘condom?’ He snickered. One had better not.
1989 S. Shwartz Neopro's Guide to Fandom & Con-Dom in G. Thokar Noreascon Three 121/1 (title) A neopro's guide to fandom and con-dom or safe SF.