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Definition a report of the events of a (usually science fiction) convention
OED requirements antedating 1953
Earliest cite R. Bloch 'Quandry'
Comment Leah Zeldes submitted a 1978 cite from "The Neo-Fan's Guide to Science Fiction Fandom". Cory Panshin submitted a 1966 cite from Doug Hoylman from a letter in the MIT SFS's "Twilight Zine". Keith Stokes submitted a 1962 cite from "A Key to the Terminology of S-F Fandom". Fred Galvin submitted cites from Dick Eney's 1959 "Fancyclopedia II". Fred Galvin submitted a 1958 cite from a fanzine review column by Robert Bloch in Imagination. Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 1996 reprint of James White's "The Quinze-y Report", (original publication in Hyphen, no. 19, January 1958). Fred Galvin submitted cites for "con report" and "conreport" from 1992 in Harry Warner Jr.'s "A Wealth of Fable" Fred Galvin submitted a 1956 cite for "con-report" from Robert Bloch's "Some of My Best Fans Are Friends" (the Bloch cite was actually quoting from an article written by Damon Knight the year before). Fred Galvin submitted a 1955 cite for "Con report" from Roger De Soto's, "The Revolving Fan". Bill Mullins submitted a 1953 cite in a letter from Robert Bloch, printed in Quandry #29, May-June 1953)
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1953 R. Bloch And now, from his own typer? in Quandry May—June 18 That boy Willis has done it again! His is the Conreport to end all con reports, and for the life of me I don't know how he does it. In English too!
1955 R. de Soto Revolving Fan in Amazing Stories Dec. 119 ‘The Old Fan and the New’ gives the viewpoints of four fans on promags, stories, movies, and books; and Ian T. Macauley's ‘At Usual Rates’ gives another Con report, this time the AgaCon, the first such report I've read in a fanzine.
1955 ‘B. Tucker’ Neo-Fan's Guide to Sci. Fiction Fandom (1978) 20 Conrep or Conreport , convention report; who did what to whom, and why.
1956 R. Bloch Some of My Best Fans Are Friends in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction Sept. 48/2 Mr. Damon Knight, well-known writer and critic, discussing science fiction conventions in an article written last year, comments as follows: ‘I used to wonder what it was that gave the best con-reports their oddly religious tone. I see now there is no oddity involved–a convention is a religious event, a love-feast.’
1958 R. Bloch Fandora's Box in Imagination Aug. 122/1 TRIODE No. 12 (Eric Bentcliffe: send subs. to Dale R. Smith, 3001 Kyle Ave., Minneapolis 22, Minn.: irreg.: 7/$1) is really an extended and extensive con-report this time, and highly informative, too.
1959 R. Eney Fancyclopedia II 172 A conreport of impressive bulk, The Harp Stateside , recorded Walt's adventures here and the campaign had much to do with development of the present entente cordiale between American and English fandom.
1962 D. Franson Key to Terminology of S-F Fandom 6 Con Report , an informal article written by a fan, telling about a convention, including both program and personal adventures.
1965 D. Hoylman in Twilight Zine 13 Apr. 29 Contents page notwithstanding, my article on Pacificon II was not intended to be a ‘conreport’ in the usual sense; in fact, I couldn't have written one if I'd wanted to, since I had never been to a con before, didn't know the other fen there (in fact, there was exactly one person there whom I know–Durk Pearson), and seldom read other conreports.
1992 H. Warner, Jr. Wealth of Fable 338 He criticized fanzine con reports in which ‘a detailing of the number of hamburgers consumed en route often consumes more wordage than a description of program events, and mention of a first meeting with a new fan from Squeegee, Wyoming is deemed more spaceworthy than an appraisal of the guest of honor.’
1992 H. Warner, Jr. Wealth of Fable 321 A New York City fan group, the Lunarians, waited until 1957 to start staging Lunacons in that city. The first of them in 1957, held in mid-May, had neither guest of honor nor more than 67 persons on hand and doesn't seem to have inspired any substantial conreports.
1996 J. White The Quinze-y Report in White Papers 312 Mal and I left for a patrol of the other lounges in an attempt to find something reportable for our promised conreports.