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Definition a disintegrating weapon
OED requirements antedating 1903
Earliest cite George Griffith, The World Masters
Comment Not in OED, but there is a 1929 example under "zap" int. def. 1.

Alistair Durie submitted a 1925 cite from Nictzin Dyalhis's "When the Green Star Waned".
Alistair Durie submitted a 1928 cite for "disintegrator ray" from Philip Francis Nowlan's "Armageddon -2419 A.D."
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from George Griffith's 1903 novel "The World Masters"

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Citations for disintegrator n.

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1925 N. Dyalhis When Green Star Wanes in Weird Tales Apr. 6/2 Well it was for me that, in obedience to Hul Jok's imperative command, I was holding my Blastor pointing ahead of me; for as I blundered full upon the monstrosity it upheaved its ugly bulk–how I do not know, for I saw no legs nor did it have wings–to one edge and would have flopped down upon me, but instinctively I slid forward the catch on the tiny Blastor, and the foul thing vanished–save for a few fragments of its edges–smitten into nothingness by the vibration hurled forth from that powerful little disintegrator.
1928 P. F. Nowlan Armageddon – 2419 A.D. in Amazing Stories Aug. 432/1 Then we saw the ship falling. It seemed to plunge lazily, but actually it fell with terrific acceleration, turning end over end, its disintegrator rays, out of control, describing vast, wild arcs, and once cutting a gash through the forest less than two hundred feet from where we stood.