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Definition the world of enthusiasts for some amusement or for some artist; also in extended use.
OED requirements antedating 1896
Earliest cite Washington Post, Oct 10, 1896
Comment Bill Mullins submitted a cite from a sports column in the Washington Post, Oct 10, 1896.

(Earliest cite in the OED was from the Cincinnati Enquirer 2 Jan. 1903)

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1896 Washington Post Oct. 10 8/6 ‘Who is this Swain?’ is the question that is being bowled about in local fandom.
1952 A. Budrys in Planet Stories Nov. 111/1 But remember that all of organized fandom is a little grain of sand on the shore of a more or less mighty ocean of greenbacks.
1952 A. Budrys in Planet Stories Nov. 111/1 So quit trying to say that fandom could bring more than moral pressure on an editor.
1970 E. Ward in Rolling Stone 2 Dec. 26/1 The word fanzine is a term taken from science-fiction fandom, an old, bizarre, and respected avocation of many thousands of people around the world.
1976 P. Anthony What of Earth (1989) 13, I had gotten to know him through fandom.
1980 M. Z. Bradley Darkover Retrospective in Planet Savers/Sword of Aldones (1982) 309 And I am?completely bemused by the phenomenon called ‘Darkover fandom’. Grateful, certainly. But puzzled.
1988 Locus Apr. 60/1 He also got involved in fandom. Train was present in October 1935 when the reorganized Philadelphia SF League first met.
1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun ii. 17 I'm a wargamer!?.The world of fandom is divided into several subgroups, mainly into hard science fiction?and fantasy folk?.The rest of us settle for small tokens of resistance.
1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun vi. 70 ‘Tratyn Runewind’?had become a legend in the annals of Fandom.
1989 Nova Express Spring 25/2 I had seen the twisted heart of fandom, and lived to tell the tale.
1991 Sci. Fiction Chron. May 6/2, 1990 was not a major year for Swedish SF, neither in publishing nor in fandom.
1991 Sci. Fiction Chron. May 14/3 A well-known fan?and an active member of IF (Irish Fandom).
1991 L. Niven et al. Fallen Angels 86 Chuck Umber had published fandom's most successful news magazine for more than twenty years, in formats growing steadily more cryptic and secretive for an audience growing gradually smaller.
1991 L. Niven et al. Fallen Angels 82 She whipped around with a snowball in her hand and blasted him on the chest. Then all fandom was plunged into war.
1991 L. Niven et al. Fallen Angels 21 Not Fandom. I was reading the true quill long before I knew about Fandom and cons and such.
1991 Locus Nov. 46/3 Fandom in Fallen Angels : A couple of hundred people jammed Thursday night's program to Larry Niven, Michael Flynn, and Jerry Pournell talk about their book.
1992 Sci. Fiction Age Nov. 81/1 Science fiction fandom has had masquerades for almost as long as it has held conventions.
1992 Locus June 21/2 McCrumb published?a paperback murder mystery and send-up of science fiction fandom.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 22/1 It wasn't until I found science fiction fandom that I discovered a place where I wasn't made to feel like an alien myself.
1993 SFRA Rev. May 53 Bacon-Smith analyzes media fandom from a female perspective–indeed, most media fans are women.
1993 Locus Oct. iv. 41/3, I was reading all the sf I could get hold of, but I'd never heard of fandom or cons.
1993 Locus June 72/2 He married Marion Zimmer Bradlen soon after, and dropped out of fandom.
1994 Sci. Fiction Age July 8/1 Talking about it outside of the confines of fandom was likely to earn a sneer from those who thought they knew better.
1994 Interzone Mar. 26/2 From the outside, fandom looks weird.
1994 Interzone Mar. 26/2 “Fandom” is small. The traditional fandom, the one I first encountered in the 60s, is even smaller.
1995 Extrapolation Spring 70 There are some considerations that must be taken into this criticism, such as the important influence of science fiction fandom, where fans have as much say in what gets written as publishers do.
1995 Interzone Feb. 5/3 Fandom is an interesting and complex phenomenon?and at best it is a dynamic and supportive adjunct to the fields of sf publication and criticism–but it can also be horribly introverted, clannish, petty and silly.
1996 SFX May 23/2 Fandom is one aspect of the show that's nothing new to him. ‘I think people on the show were quite shocked when it started up, and there were fans who were saying, “I knew him as Marcus Hunter, and now I'm watching Babylon 5 because of him.”’
2001 Sci. Fiction Chron. July 38/2 The whole idea of fandom for the first place was a family were [sic] it doesn't matter how weird you are, there is still love here.
2001 Locus June 7/2 I had supposed that I was never going to get a Hugo, because that's the popularity awards from fandom, and I've always supposed I was one of its hereditary enemies.
2003 Dreamwatch Aug. 10/1 As you can well imagine, Doctor Who fandom went bonkers with excitement.
2005 Dreamwatch Feb. 17/3 Episode III: Revenge of the Sith If the opening eight minutes are anything to go by, this could be the Star Wars film which restores the faith of fandom in George Lucas.