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Definition to astonish, bewilder, baffle
OED requirements antedating 1959
Earliest cite R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II'
Comment Leah Zeldes submitted a 1959 cite from Fancyclopedia II. Fred Galvin submitted a 1992 cite from Wilson Tucker's introduction to Harry Warner's 1992 "A Wealth of Fable". Malcolm Farmer submitted a 2000 cite from Bruce Schneier's "Secrets and Lies"

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Citations for croggle v.

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1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun iii. 25 Hope you're no longer croggled by all the mundanes in 'Frisco.
1992 W. Tucker in H. Warner Wealth of Fable Introd. p. x, And yes, he is still publishing that fanzine. Horizons is now up to its two hundred and fifth issue, a remarkable record since 1939. And he still sees himself as a miserable second-rate Lovecraft. He said so on the phone when I called him again. Sometimes Harry croggles me.