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Definition set of events in time considered notionally as a vista or prospect
OED requirements antedating 1980
Earliest cite 1977 brand for Pocket Books
Comment Gregory Benford submitted a 1982 cite from the title of his novel "Timescape". Rick Hauptmann submitted a cite from the body of the text from the first edition in 1980. Fred Galvin found a reference in the ISFDB to Sylvia Louise Engdahl and Mildred Butler's story, "Timescape", in a 1976 anthology "Anywhere, Anywhen" ; we would like verification and/or cites from a paper edition. Enoch Forrester submitted a citation from the publisher's blurb on the 1988 Ace books reprint of Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love".
Fred Galvin noted that Pocket Books was apparently using "timescape" in 1977 as the brand for a line of SF paperbacks, having licensd the name from Greg Benford, who owned the trademark. Benford's novel of that name was first published in 1980, but it appears that the novel was an expansion of his earlier (1975) "Cambridge 1.58 A.M."; Rick Hauptmann checked this story's first publication, and the word "timescape" did not appear.
We received an email from Greg Benford which explained that he had trademarked the term and licensed it to Pocket before the novel was published. The trademark was not renewed and the term has come into more general use, including a Star Trek:TNG episode with that title.

We would like further cites of any date from other sources.(for example, from a printed review/summary/script of the Trek episode)

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1980 G. Benford Timescape 411 A piercing light shown through them. They seemed frozen. It was the landscape itself which changed, Gordon saw at last, refracted by laws of its own. Time and space were themselves players, vast lands engulfing the figures, a weave of future and past. There was no riverrun of years. The abiding loops of causality ran both forward and back. The timescape rippled with waves, roiled and flexed, a great beast in the dark sea.
1988 Time Enough For Love back cover (advt.) The capstone and crowning achievement of Heinlein's famous Future History, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE follows Lazarus Long through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds.