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Definition 'like the planet Earth', usually in the phrase 'an earth-type planet'
OED requirements antedating 1941
Earliest cite Robert A. Heinlein, Methuselah's Children
Comment Mike Christie submitted a cite from 1956. Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a 1983 reprint of Andre Norton's "The Stars Are Ours!"; Mike Christie verified it in a 1955 reprint. We would like to check the 1954 first edition. Cory Panshin submitted a cite from a 1957 reprint of Poul Anderson and Gordon Dickson's "Earthman's Burden"; we would like to check the 1951 original appearance of the story, "Heroes Are Made", in Other Worlds Science Stories. Imran Ghory submitted a cite from a 1955 reprint of J. Francis McComas' "Shock Treatment"; we would like to check the 1954 first edition. Katrina Campbell submitted a 1980 cite from Malcolm Edwards and Robert Holdstock's "Tour of the Universe". Douglas Winston submitted a 1966 cite from Murray Leinster's "Quarantine World". Douglas Winston submitted a 1988 cite from Kevin Randle and Robert Cornett's "The Aldebaran Campaign". Douglas Winston submitted a 1967 cite from Patrick Meadows' "Virtue. 'Tis a Fugue!". Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from Robert Heinlein's "Methuselah's Children".
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Citations for Earth-type adj.

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1941 R. Heinlein in Astounding Sci. Fiction Aug. 98/1 To discover what sort and in particular whether it supported an Earth-type planet required a close approach at reasonably low speed.
1941 E. Hamilton Son Two Worlds in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 28/2 Most of these Martians wore Earth-type synthesuits of somber hues.
1944 ‘H. Clement’ Trojan Fall in Astounding Sci. Fiction June 58/2 He was reasonably certain of finding a habitable planet; the star that lacked worlds was the exception rather than the rule. Earth-type worlds were rarer, but frequent enough to have forced the enactment of several regulations against unrestricted colonization.
1950 P. Anderson Star Ship in Planet Stories Fall 72/2 Its walls were manned by more fighters than that, and there were the terrible Earth-type guns as well.
1953 Astounding Sci. Fiction Apr. 39/2 A faint swirl of white crystals followed him out–ice and carbon dioxide, frozen out of the Earth-type air inside as it cooled to Mesklin's bitter temperature.
1954 J. F. McComas Shock Treatment in R. Healy Nine Tales of Space & Time (1955) 53 That plant is now grown under government supervision on all Earth-type planets.
1956 C. D. Simak in Galaxy Oct. 106/1 It's Earth-type, oxygen, and the climate's fine so far.
1956 R. Silverberg Collecting Team in Moonferns & Starsongs (1971) 29 During the night, invisible hands had put it there. Had assembled and built a cozy little Earth-type house and dropped it next to our ship for us to live in.
1957 P. Anderson & G. R. Dickson Earthman's Burden 8 We thought we'd look in and check on conditions, as well as resting ourselves on an Earth-type world.
1966 ‘M. Leinster’ in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Nov. 28/1 ‘There's a yellow sun that looks close.’‘It's Delhi?. It has an Earth-type planet and there may have been a colony on it once. But there's nothing there now! There's something wrong with it and no ship is known to have got back to its home spaceport after landing on it.’
1967 P. Meadows in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction Apr. 89/1 In this outer rim of the galaxy with its sparse star population, the explorer team was overjoyed to find an earth-type planet.
1969 E. Cooper Sea-Horse in Sky (1980) 24 He had switched on the bedside lamp–ordinary earth-type with an ordinary sixty-watt bulb–and had explored further.
1980 M. Edwards & R. Holdstock Tour of Universe 46 Altuxor iv–otherwise known as Vandezande's World or Kameleos–is Earth-type, though breathing apparatus is required.
1981 B. Shaw Galactic Tours 46 An idea of its size can be gained from a close study of the illustration–each of the cactus-like vegetables of the planet Excalibur, among which the ship lies, is as tall as a mature Earth-type tree.
1988 K. Randle & R. Cornett Aldebaran Campaign 56 If the planet hadn't had an Earth-type atmosphere, we'd have had to go in wearing environment suits and set up our own biosphere shelter so we could occasionally stand-down without the suits. Living in an environment suit is a bitch.
1994 Interzone July 9/1 The search was soon switched to Earthtype planets, and these proved difficult to find.
1999 L. Frankowski Boy & His Tank 87 Forests of Earth-type trees were rapidly supplanting the native ferns, but there were no weeds in the fields, no undesirable animals, no mosquitoes in the evenings, and no leeches in the wetlands!