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Definition the study or mapping of the planet Mars
OED requirements antedating 1868
Earliest cite R.A. Proctor, Lands and Seas of Another World
Comment Bill Mullins submitted an 1868 cite from an article "Lands and Seas of Another World" by R.A. Proctor in the magazine "Littell's Living Age", October 3, 1868, apparently reprinted from an earlier publication in Frazer's Magazine.

Earliest cite in the OED database: 1870

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1949 R. A. Heinlein Red Planet (1968) 6 Areography , equivalent to ‘geography’ for Earth. From ‘Ares’, Greek for Mars.
1949 R. A. Heinlein Red Planet (1968) 6 Well, I don't know. I'm interested in areography, but I like biology too.