Full record for teleport v.

Definition to apparently instantaneous transport persons, etc., across space by advanced technological means
OED requirements antedating 1944
Earliest cite I. Asimov 'Foundation'
Comment The sense needed is the action of a mechanical device that can instantaneously transport material.

Imran Ghory submitted a 1986 cite from "ZZAP! 64" magazine. Imran Ghory submitted a citation from a reprint of Isaac Asimov's "Foundation"; Mike Christie verified the original 1944 magazine appearance. Cory Panshin submitted a cite from a 1978 reprint of Fredric Brown's 1948 novel "What Mad Universe?" Douglas Winston submitted a 1967 cite from Richard Grey Sipes' "Of Terrans Bearing Gifts". Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1998 reprint of Sharon Shinn's "Jovah's Angel". Mike Christie verified this in its 1997 first publication. Douglas Winston submitted 1989 cites from Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio's "Illegal Aliens".

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Citations for teleport v.

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1932 C. H. Fort Wild Talents xxvii. 312 Girls at the front–and they are discussing their usual not very profound subjects. The alarm–the enemy is advancing. Command to the poltergeist girls to concentrate–and under their chairs they stick their wads of chewing gum. A regiment bursts into flames, and the soldiers are torches. Horses snort smoke from the combustion of their entrails. Re-enforcements are smashed under cliffs that are teleported from the Rocky Mountains. The snatch of Niagara Falls–it pours upon the battle field. The little poltergeist girls reach for their wads of chewing gum.
1944 ‘L. Padgett’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction Nov. 89/1 If I'd tried to teleport Myra Calderon over to Jersey, say, I might have dropped her in the Hudson by mistake.
1944 I. Asimov Big And Little in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Aug. 19/2 Teleported direct from the capital.
1951 I. Asimov Foundation Trilogy–Foundation v. iv. 176 Teleported direct from the capital.
1953 H. Kuttner Pile of Trouble in Ahead of Time 153, I have just rapidly cultured a migraine virus in my blood stream and teleported it to your brain–you gorbellied knave!
1967 R. G. Sipes Of Terrans Bearing Gifts in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact May 31/2 ‘In a like manner, how could the alleged teleporter work? If one were to “teleport”,’ he spit out the word as if it had a nasty taste, ‘to a greater or lesser distance from the center of our planet, energy would be gained or lost.’
1978 F. Brown What Mad Universe? 102 Into Mekky also was built the ability to teleport–to transfer himself instantaneously through space without the necessity of having a spaceship to ride in.
1979 R. Sheckley I can teleport Myself to Anywhere in M. Jakubowksi Twenty Houses of Zodiac 75 I can teleport myself to anywhere in the universe. This may seem an enviable ability to those who do not possess it, but I can assure you that it raises more difficulties than it solves. I found this out recently when I decided to make my first real journey as a teleporter. The latent ability had developed in me only a year before that, and I had used it at first rather timidly, and mainly in my own apartment, popping in and out of rooms and scaring my cat so badly that she took off and has never come back.
1984 M. Bradley World Wreckers 131 What little mining we have on Darkover is done with a matrix circle to locate and teleport the minerals to the surface.
1989 S. Robinson Callahan's Lady (1990) 148 If you teleported a stranger into that room and told him he was in a whorehouse parlor, he would not believe you.
1989 Omni Aug. 78/3 You're teleported into the robot's head, and your sensation of consciousness is there now.
1991 Locus Nov. 29/1 Longtime fans will enjoy seeing dragons in space, where their ability to teleport and their telepathic skills prove very useful.
1997 S. Shinn Jovah's Angel 317 ‘How can I help you?’ she asked when Jovah's words came to a halt. A one-word reply. ‘Teleport.’ As before, incomprehensible. She continued to ask questions as if they were reasonable, as if she were carrying on a logical conversation that she understood. ‘How can I teleport?’ This reply, at least, sounded sane. ‘Type in the word “teleport” at the prompt, hit Enter, and within twenty seconds move to the inscribed pentagram on the floor in the center of the room.’
2005 C. Stross Accelerando vii. 311 Traditional optics are long since obsolete–tunable matter can slow photons to a stop, teleport them here to there, play ping-pong with spin and polarization–and besides, the dumb matter in the walls and floor has been replaced by low-power computronium, heat sinks dangling far below the floor of the lily-pad habitat to dispose of the scanty waste photons from reversible computation.