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Definition on or onto the surface of a planet
OED requirements antedating 1955
Earliest cite P. J. Farmer 'Father'
Comment E.g. 'he went planetside'.

Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a 1997 reprint of Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War". Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of Harlan Ellison's "Run for the Stars"; Mike Christie verified the cite in a 1959 printing. We would like to check the original appearance in 1957 in Science Fiction Adventures. Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a reprint of Barry Longyear's "Dueling Clowns"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1979 first appearance. Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a 1993 reprint of Peter David's "Imzadi". Mike Christie submitted a cite from a 1981 reprint of Poul Anderson's 1978 "The Avatar". Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1992 reprint of Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye's 1990 "The Death of Sleep". Ralf Brown located and Edward Keyes submitted a 1959 cite from Donald A. Wollheim's "The Secret of the Ninth Planet". Douglas Winston submitted a cite for the form "planet-side" from a 1985 reprint of Andre Norton's "Sargasso of Space"; we would like to verify this in the 1955 first edition. Fred Galvin submitted a 1955 cite from Philip José Farmer's "Father".

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Citations for planetside adv.

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1955 P. J. Farmer Father in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction July 4/1 that had not changed since the Twenty-First Century. Though it was well known that he felt a little ridiculous when he wore it planet-side, when he was on his ship he walked as a man clad in armor.
1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 41 Every able-bodied man had been sent planetside to search for the bomb.
1959 D. A. Wollheim Secret of Ninth Planet 37 Completing the members of the expedition was another trio chosen to act as general crew, medical and commissary men while in flight, and as a trained explorer-fighter unit while on planetside.
1978 P. Anderson Avatar (1981) 270 ‘No, you went planetside.’‘Precisely because I am an expendable.’
1979 B. Longyear in Isaac Asimov's Sci. Fiction Mag. Mar. 138 The rules for visiting planetside are being observed, aren't they?
1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 7 During her remaining days planetside, she had turned over her laboratory work to a co-worker.
1992 P. David Imzadi v. 35, I really am a sleaze. I've been back planetside a few times?but I never saw you. Never tried to contact you.
1992 P. David Imzadi (1993) 35, I've been back planetside a few times?but I never saw you.
1999 M. J. Friedman My Brother's Keeper ii. i. 7 It was only customary to do so when a crewman lacked family and friends planetside.