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Definition (in time-travel situations) at another point in time
OED requirements antedating 1984
Earliest cite Robert Silverberg, Far Side of the Bell_shaped curve
Comment Mark Shawhan located and Mike Christie confirmed a cite from a 1971 reprint of Robert Heinlein's story "Elsewhen". The original magazine publication of this story in 1941 was under another title and does not appear to contain any cites for "elsewhen". Rick Hauptmann then checked the 1953 Fantasy Press edition of the collection "Assignment in Eternity", which contains this story, and confirmed that the story bears the title "Elsewhen".
Rick Hauptmann submitted a cite from a reprint of C.J. Cherryh's "Gate of Ivrel"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1976 first edition.
Mike Christie submitted a cite from a reprint of Carl Sagan's 1985 "Contact". Enoch Forrester submitted a 1989 cite from an article by Patricia Hartley and Kirk Lesser in Dragon Magazine.
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1984 R. Silverberg Far Side of Bell-Shaped Curve, The in R. Silverberg Conglomeroid Cocktail Party (1984) 27 Merely whirling Ilsabet off elsewhen would achieve nothing.
1989 Dragon Mag. June 68 You'll travel backward and forward through time, so be advised that some of the folk you meet and places you visit exist only at certain times and not ‘elsewhen’.
1992 P. David Imzadi i. 3 The man in the greenish yellow shirt, whose mind was elsewhere and elsewhen.
2005 I. M. Banks Algebraist ii. 136 We need something different. Elsewhen or elsestuff or elsewhere.