Full record for tri-D n.

Definition a device capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image
OED requirements antedating 1951
Earliest cite D. Knight 'Don't Live in the Past'
Comment Looking for 'tri-D', 'tri-d', 'Tri-D', and 'TRI-D'.

The OED has cites for tri-D (Adams, 1979), and Tri-D (Julian May, 1981). Katrina Campbell submitted a 1982 cite for the form "tri-d" from Anne McCaffrey's "Crystal Singer". Mike Christie submitted a 1964 cite for the form "tri-D" from Frank Herbert's "Dune World". Mike Christie submitted a 1954 cite for the form "tri-D" from Frederik Pohl's "The Midas Plague". Katrina Campbell submitted a cite for the form "TRI-D" from a reprint of Anne McCaffrey's "To Ride Pegasus"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1973 first edition, and also located a cite for the form "Tri-D" from the 1973 first magazine appearance.

Cory Panshin submitted a cite for the form "tri-D" from a reprint of Damon Knight's "Don't Live in the Past"; Mike Christie verified the 1951 original appearance. Katrina Campbell submitted a cite for the form "Tri-D" from a 1992 reprint of Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye's 1990 "The Death of Sleep". Malcom Farmer submitted a cite for the form "Tri-D" from a reprint of Keith Laumer's "Prototaph"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1966 original magazine appearance.

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Citations for tri-D n.

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1951 D. Knight in Galaxy Sci. Fiction June 59/1 He barked at Vargas, ‘Turn on the tri-D!’ Vargas stumbled over to his desk and obeyed. A five foot disc set into a low platform on his right glowed faintly, sparked and then spat a vertical stream of color. The image steadied and became the all too convincing three-dimensional replica of a portly man with a bulbous nose and long gray hair.
1953 P. Jones in Startling Stories June 9/1 Hollywood , bidding fair to becoming a ghost town with the advent of tv, is now letting out its stays to breathe one hearty sigh of relief before settling down to the serious business of grinding out tri-di movies.
1953 P. Jones in Startling Stories June 9/2 Out of the Victorian era's popular toy, the stereopticon, the British outfit called Stereo-Techniques has developed its tri-di technique. Cinemascope, the Twentieth Century-Fox entry in the tri-di derby, is a simple color film device which simulates third dimension on a concave screen giving a panoramic effect. Who'll win the tri-di sweepstakes is anybody's guess.
1953 P. Jones in Startling Stories June 9/1 Tri-di is nothing new to the pages of science fiction, and depending on how long it takes for tv engineers to catch up with Hollywood and Startling Stories , the movie-makers can count on a few green years while the public sifts out its preferences in triple takes.
1953 P. Jones in Startling Stories June 9/2 Next to jump on the tri-di bandwagon was Arch Obler with his Natural Vision feature picture ‘Bwana Devil’.
1954 F. Pohl in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Apr. 49/1 It was an enormous glaringly new mansion, bigger even than Morey's former house, stuffed to bursting with bulging sofas and pianos and massive mahogany chairs and tri-D sets and bedrooms and drawing rooms and breakfast rooms and nurseries.
1954 F. Pohl in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Apr. 9/2 The tri-D was beginning a comedy show; he got up to turn it off, snapping on the tape-player.
1961 A. Norton Catseye (1962) 33 The animal in the tri-dee was clearly depicted life-size, the usual procedure for smaller beasts.
1962 P. Anderson in Fantastic Stories of Imagination June 63/2 On his back he carried a lumpy metal cylinder; the harness included a plastic panel across his chest, with switches, knobs, and three meters. Like some science fiction hero on the 3D.
1964 F. Herbert in Analog Sci. Fact—Sci. Fiction Jan. 58/2 A solido tri-D projection appeared on the table surface about a third of the way down from the Duke.
1964 H. Harrison in Galaxy Mag. Dec. 8/2 It?used the leg to point across the square to where a tri-di screen and refreshment booth had been set up.
1966 R. Zelazny in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction June 22/2 After appearing on tri-dee a couple times [sic] , sounding off about interstellar culture, and flashing her white, white teeth, she picked up a flush contract.
1966 L. Niven World of Ptavvs (1977) 46 She leaned forward and turned on the tridee screen in the seat ahead.
1966 K. Roberts Synth in J. Carnell New Writings in SF 8 136 The flat was unusual in other respects apart from its lack of furnishing. No pictures relieved the walls, the little tri-dee epics that had recently become the rage in Town.
1966 K. Laumer in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Mar. 147/1 The president was here just now. He came in, looking just like the Tri-D, only older, and he came over and looked at me kind of like I looked at him.
1970 ‘A. Norton’ Dread Companion (1984) 183 Kosgro switched the three through the air and thrust in and out with them as I had seen swords used in tridee tapes made on primitive worlds.
1970 ‘A. Norton’ Dread Companion (1984) 10 Now–I want a run-through of the Ruhkarv report in comparison with the tridees from Xcothal.
1973 A. McCaffrey To Ride Pegasus 211 Hey, boss, Roznine has been watching a lot of TRI-D lately.
1973 A. McCaffrey To Ride Pegasus 160 I know you've got a subliminal TRI-D program going, Dave, but just how successful is it in routing out the odd-balls?
1973 R. Zelazny To Die in Italbar (1977) 94 He was more impressive in person than on record or in tridee.
1982 A. McCaffrey Crystal Singer 85 Her quarters were as good as the guest facility in the Shankill Base, nothing gaudy but certainly substantial: bed, table, chairs, writing surface, tri-d screen, the customary audio-visual terminals.
1984 A. D. Foster Voyage to City of Dead (1986) 19 What do you suggest I do? Squat here and watch thranx shadowplays on the tridee?
1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 217 Oh, after tonight, I believe you, even if this whole evening has been like something from Tri-D.
1991 A. McCaffrey Pegasus in Flight (1992) 158 His histrionics defuse a lot of pent-up garbage in a catharsis not generated by passive watching of the Tri-D fare.
2002 R. Garcia y Robertson in Asimov's Sci. Fiction Apr. 111 Millions of tons of misguided rock and ice hurtled right at Aetna II. An unnerving sight, even in 3V.
2002 R. Garcia y Robertson in Asimov's Sci. Fiction Apr. 111 Passengers packed into lounges and staterooms tuned to 3V found themselves staring up from the airless surface of Aetna II.