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Definition = fan fiction
OED requirements antedating 1976
Earliest cite in Amer. Speech
Comment Katrina Campbell submitted a 2002 cite from an article in the Sunday Times by Robbie Hudson. Ben Ostrowski submitted a 1997 cite from an article by Patrizia DiLucchio in Entertainment Weekly. Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1979 cite from Darrell Schweitzer's "Occasionally Mentioning Science Fiction". Imran Ghory submitted a cite from a 1978 article, "Star Trek Lives: Trekker Slang" by Patricia Byrd. This article cites a 1976 example from the Star Trek zine "Halkan Council"; we would like to verify this citation. Dan Clore submitted a cite from his 1996 article "(Un)Dead Genres: A Broadsheet". The OED has a citation from "American Speech" from 1976 in a 1978 reprint.

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1979 Sci. Fiction Rev. Jan. 32/1 To add even more confusion, some fanfic zines pay token rates (like a fifth of a cent a word) and pretend to be semi-professional. To read them is to know the difference.
1996 D. Clore (Un)Dead Genres in Necrofile Summer 22 FanFic: New Territories of Hell. Fandom is a Slice of Life.
1997 Entertainm. Weekly 26 Sept. 84 Not that Seinfeld inflames the fannish heart. Nor do most of TV's other top 20 shows. While The X-Files has inspired about 130 fanfic sites, the more highly rated ER and Friends tally 6 and 3, respectively; Seinfeld, none that AltaVista knows about.
1997 Entertainm. Weekly 26 Sept. 84 Chris Carter may bar X-Filers Mulder and Scully forever from consummating their deep bond–but it's a common fantasy in the archives of fan fiction, where familiar TV and movie characters populate digital poems, scripts, short stories–even full-length novels–that span hundreds of websites and Usenet discussion groups. Readership figures are elusive, but fanfic's America Online index page has collected a half million hits in the past year.
1999 Ansible Link Apr. (No. 141) , I think fanfic and speculation is an integral part of fandom and of a newsgroup like this.