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OED requirements antedating 1990
Earliest cite in The Whole Earth Review
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 2000 cite from Gardner Dozois' introduction to Michael Swanwick's "Moon Dogs". Enoch Forrester submitted a 1990 cite from fanzine review in the "Whole Earth Review". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1995 cite from Richard Gehr in The Village Voice. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1991 cite from a book review by Norman Spinrad in Asimov's. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1998 cite from Gordon Van Gelder in F&SF. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1998 cite from a letter by Martin Wooster in Nova Express.
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Citations for postcyberpunk adj.

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1990 Whole Earth Rev. Fall 61/1 A high quality post-cyberpunk science-fiction magazine. Good writing, great artwork.
1991 N. Spinrad On Books in Isaac Asimov's Sci. Fiction Magazine mid-Dec. 167/1 It certainly should be, for while the translation may be a bit spotty in places, Midas is right out there on the post-cyberpunk cutting edge and then some, with its unique and gritty extrapolation of the down and dirty Third World realities interfaced with an exploration of the moral and spiritual implications of virtual replicated personalities confronting an all-too-real world.
1995 Village Voice (N.Y.) 31 Jan. 73/3 Neal Stephenson is the Quentin Tarantino of postcyberpunk science fiction.
1998 G. van Gelder Editor's Recommendations in Mag. of Fantasy and Sci. Fiction Apr. 46/1 The plot never quite reached boiling temperature for me, but the ideas of this post-cyberpunk story are good and the future downtown club scene has some very nice touches.
1998 Nova Express Fall—Winter 28/2 Nor is it clear what, if anything, the ‘postcyberpunk’ novels of the 1990s have in common. Why is Greg Bear a ‘postcyberpunk’ writer when Greg Benford or David Brin is not? Why is Kim Stanley Robinson's work not ‘postcyberpunk?’
1999 W. Gibson All Tomorrow's Parties Thanks 278 The post-cyberpunk contingent in Mexico City?who encouraged me, with their warm enthusiasm.