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Definition =group mind
OED requirements antedating 1950
Earliest cite James Schmitz, "Second Night of Summer"
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1960 cite from Clifford Simak's "The Golden Bugs". Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a reprint of James Schmitz' "Second Night of Summer"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1950 first magazine appearance. Enoch Forrester submitted a 1982 cite from an article by John Sapienza in Dragon Magazine. Malcolm Farmer submitted a 2002 cite from Alastair Reynolds' "Redemption Ark". Malcolm Farmer submitted a 2002 cite from a review by Jonathan Wright in SFX Magazine of Alastair Reynolds' "Redemption Ark". Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1966 reprint of Andre Norton's 1957 "Star Born". Douglas Winston submitted a 2001 cite from Timothy Zahn's "Angelmass". Douglas Winston submitted a 1992 cite from Allen Steele's "Labyrinth of Night".

Added to the OED as a subordinate entry under "hive" in December 2004, with an earliest date of 1950.

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Citations for hive-mind n.

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1950 J. H. Schmitz in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Dec. 22/2 It's pretty certain, too, that the Halpa have the hive-mind class of intelligence, so what goes for the nerve systems of most of the ones they send through to us might be nothing much more than secondary reflex-transmitters.
1957 A. Norton Star Born (1966) 39 All the buildings were the same shape and size‥. Raf wondered if those who had built them had not been humanoid at all, but perhaps insects with a hive mind.
1960 C. D. Simak in Fantasy & Sci. Fiction June 107/1 I'm convinced that these aliens must necessarily operate on the hive-mind principle. We face not one of them alone nor the total number of them but we face the sum total of them as a single unit, as a single mind and a single expression of purpose and performance.
1982 J. T. Sapienza in Dragon Mag. Aug. 71/1 Their enemies‥include a reptilian race and an insectoid hive-mind race.
1984 W. Gibson Neuromancer (1989) iv.xxiii. 269 Wintermute was hive mind, decision maker, effecting change in the world outside.
1987 T. Pratchett Equal Rites (1990) 51 It is well known–at least, it is well known to witches–that all colonies of bees are, as it were, just one part of the creature called the Swarm, in the same way that individual bees are component cells of the hivemind.
1992 A. Steele Labyrinth of Night 199 Paul has become convinced that the pseudo-Cooties interact as a sort of hive mind, similar to that of terrestrial insects. The most appropriate analogy might be to driver ants. Given their past behavior, I have to agree with his assessment. If the original Cooties, as represented by their automechanical counterparts, are highly evolved insects, then this would seem to make sense.
1995 Interzone Mar. 45/2 When it sets about “reassembling” the hive-mind which it assumes to be the natural state of affairs on Earth–bringing an assortment of frightened, suffering, incompetent individuals into a gestalt much larger than that featured in More Than Human–it creates an entity far more powerful than the one of which it is a part.
1997 R. Hatch & C. Golden Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon iii. 31 The mindless drone Centurions were essentially a hive mind, responsive to the Cylon Imperious Leader, a mysterious figure whose intelligence seemed light years beyond others of his kind.
2000 White Dwarf May 89/2 The ‘hive-mind’ wavelengths do not stimulate the creature to attack.
2001 T. Zahn Angelmass 147 The angels are alien intelligences‥either separately or together, as part of some kind of hive mind.
2002 A. Reynolds Redemption Ark (back cover) Once, Clavain defected to fight on the side of the Conjoiners, a feared and persecuted human splinter faction dedicated to hive-mind consciousness.
2002 A. Reynolds Redemption Ark 25 Then, just when she had almost been turned into a spider, had almost had her own memories erased and been pumped full of the implants that would bind her into their hive mind, the zombies arrived.
2006 Analog June 1002 One far-off world was home to a scattering of continent-sized hive minds.