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Definition the human mind (as a metaphorical contrat to "outer space")
OED requirements antedating 1958
Comment Rick Hauptmann pointed out that the Clute/Nicholls "Encyclopedia of SF" credits Robert Bloch with coining this term in a speech at the 1948 Worldcon, and also makes reference to an article by J.B. Priestley entitled "They Come from Inner Space" published in the 1954 "New Statesman" and later reprinted in his collection "Thoughts in the Wilderness". We would like citations from any of these sources. (Earliest cite in the OED: 1958)
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1983 R. Short Gospel from Outer Space iii. 31 The romantic idea of visiting the far reaches of outer space has been rudely sobered up by our seeming inability to deal effectively with the more mundane problems of human inner space.