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Definition a place away from earth, or a particular planet or world regarded as the native world; another world or planet
OED requirements antedating 1987
Comment note from OED Most of the cites submitted are actually adverbs (in contexts like "from off-world" or "to go off-world"), not nouns. We have only two real noun examples, from 1987 ("...humanoid robots who have escaped from the offworld...") and 1995 ("They centered the action on an offworld called Goblin"). We would like any additional genuine noun examples, as we are now regarding it as a rare usage.

Jeff Prucher submitted a 2000 cite from Albert E. Cowdrey's "Crux".

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Citations for off-world n.

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1957 ‘A. Norton’ Star Born (1984) 129 It is as if a group of off-world explorers had allied themselves with us after the Burn-Off.
1960 H. Harrison Deathworld in Astounding Sci. Fiction Feb. 131/2 You are from off-world, that I know. No junkman would have lifted a finger to save my life. You are the first off-worlder my people have ever known and for that you are doubly welcome.
1970 ‘A. Norton’ Dread Companion (1984) 44 A poohka was an alien life-form from off-world and created with its small, furry body the instant desire to cuddle–a perfect pet.
1974 U. K. Le Guin Dispossessed (1975) i. 10, I was given the honor of attending you because of my experience with other visitors from offworld, the ambassadors from Terra and from Hain.
1977 A. D. Foster End of Matter 85 ‘I'm from offworld, all right,’ he admitted.
1988 C. J. Cherryh Cyteen 76 Tell me how it works when it comes time for Jordan to go off-world.
1996 L. Watt-Evans Reign of the Brown Magician xxii. 249 The Terran cell of Shadow's network received its orders from off-world.
2000 R. Shelley Colonel ii. 13 There was little economic distress due to the almost constant influx of revenue from off-world.
2000 A. E. Cowdrey Crux in Mag. of Fantasy and Sci. Fiction Mar. 44 Genghis even had a pompous tomb set amid the floodlights–not that his bones were in it; nobody had ever found them. But yokels from the offworlds visited Ulanor specifically to gaze upon the grave of this greatest (and bloodiest) Unifier of them all.
2006 Analog June 40/1 Because of the risk and immense up-front cost of even a single manned space mission, off-world colonies and interstellar travel have long been regarded as pipe-dreams by the astronautical establishment.