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Definition of or relating to another world; originating from or located in a place outside one's native world or planet
OED requirements antedating 1950
Earliest cite Bernard I Kahn, A Pinch of Culture
Comment Mike Christie submitted a cite from a 1957 reprint of Andre Norton's 1955 "Sargasso of Space".
Mike Christie submitted a cite from a 1984 reprint of Andre Norton's 1957 "Star Born".
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1973 reprint of Andre Norton's 1955 "Star Guard".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from Bernard I. Kahn's "A Pinch of Culture"

Added to the OED in March 2004 with an earliest date of 1956

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1943 C. L. Moore Judgment Night in Astounding Science-Fiction Aug. 11/2 The emperor was silent, looking at her from under his brows. After a slightly uncomfortable pause, the girl turned away. ‘I'm leaving,’ she said briefly. ‘Where?’ ‘Off-world.’
1950 B. I. Kahn Pinch of Culture in Astounding Sci. Fiction Aug. 85/2 The Ermesian vessel was much closer now. A ship with a weapon this far out meant an off-world patrol. Planets not expecting trouble would have no reason for watchful expectancy. So they were expecting him, he guessed.
1950 A. Coppel Rebel of Valkyr in Planet Stories Fall 8/1 Landor ignored the thrust. ‘Where do you go now, Valkyr?’‘Off-world.’‘Of course,’ Landor smiled thinly, his eyebrows arching over pale, shrewd eyes. ‘Off-world.’
1955 A. Norton Star Guard (1973) 49 Nature had provided him with a coat of thick curly hair, close in texture to the wool of a sheep, from which came a pungent, oily odor only apparent to those from off world.
1955 A. Norton Star Guard (1973) 140 There is a space port near the Venturi holdings at Po'ult?. There is no regular schedule of ships, but off-world traders do come.
1955 ‘A. North’ Sargasso of Space (1958) i. 5 After all it wasn't every boy from a Federation Home who could get an appointment to the Pool and emerge ten years later as an apprentice-Cargo Master ready for ship assignment off world.
1956 ‘A. North’ Plague Ship (1959) i. 6 When he stepped out on its ruby tinted soil this morning no lingering taint off [sic] his off-world orgin [sic] must remain to disgust the sensitive nostrils of the Salariki.
1961 A. Norton Catseye (1962) 7 He could try to exist without subcitizenship and a work permit, haunting the Casual Labour Centre to compete with too many of his fellows for the very limited crumbs of employment; he could somehow raise the stiff entrance fee and buy his way into the strictly illegal but flourishing and perilous Thieves' Guild; or he could sign on as contract labour and be shipped off world in deep freeze with no beforehand knowledge of his destination or work.
1969 ‘A. Norton’ Postmarked Stars (1980) 10 He was Dane Thorson, acting cargo master of the Queen because Van Ryke, his superior, was off-world and would join them only at the end of this voyage.
1970 ‘A. Norton’ Dread Companion (1970) 16 In any event, I returned to the crèche well enough pleased with the bargain Lazk Volk had aided me to, prepared to cut ties with my old life and lift off-world to a new.
1975 M. Z. Bradley Heritage of Hastur iii. 40 The law provides that before you, who are heir to d Domain, undertake any such risky task as going offworld, you must provide an heir to your Domain.
1976 C. Holland Floating Worlds (1977) 203 In any of the rAkellaron want off-world markets arranged, we have to do it through you, don't we?
1982 A. Cole & C. Bunch Sten (1990) 16 Below The Eye was the cargo loading area, generally reserved for the Company's own ships. Independent traders docked offworld.
1982 S. Shwartz Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ethic of Freedom in T. Staicar Feminine Eye (1982) vii. 83 Her choice has created more pain for her: honor the oath and kill Haldane; break the oath and flee offworld to escape the vengeance of the Amazons.
1983 M. Z. Bradley Thendara House (1991) iii. 44 Only when I was living offworld.
1989 J. McDevitt Talent for War 64 ‘Do you know where he went?’?. ‘Off-world?Somewhere. But he'll be back.’
1991 M. Weiss King's Test i.iii.24 At least the next time I stole it I took it off-world.
1992 H. Collins Mutagenesis 60 Were these women capable of recognizing her offworld accent for what it was?
1993 Locus Oct. iv. 59/1 The offworld Winthrop family finally makes a new expedition to see if Earth is still uninhabitable, as history reports.
1997 B. Hambly Star Wars: Planet of Twilight (1998) 385 He would be back to this world, he knew: to bring back the Guardians, when those who went offworld to form the droch-killing apparatus returned.
1998 K. W. Jeter Star Wars: Mandalorian Armor 46 The ship's engines trailed fire as it headed off-world.
1998 E. Moon Rules of Engagement (1999) 184 She had taken her argument to the Aunts' Gossip, where her desire to go offworld was quickly approved–she was too intelligent by far to fare well in the local marriage market.
2001 Locus June 35/2 Uncovering the Ila's past as an offworld fugitive.
2002 J. E. Czerneda To Trade Stars 77 On my order, the Council stayed away from Acranam's affairs, beyond ordering any Choosers be sent offworld to protect their remaining unChosen.
2002 J. E. Czerneda To Trade Stars 424 Unless Council had moved them offworld already, she thought suddenly, trying to calculate the date.
2003 Dreamwatch Aug. 8/1 The season's 14th and 15th episodes see Fraiser shot and killed while trying to save an SGC member during an off-world fire fight.
2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora's Star iv. 93 Walking to the top of Herculaneum was another of Far Away's principal tourist attractions. It wasn't difficult, the slopes weren't particularly steep, and the low gravity gave offworld visitors an easy time of it.
2006 J. McDevitt Odyssey xxv. 221 Biologists, delighted with the opportunity to study off-world life, had lined up for assignment, and Cephei III had continued to receive researchers ever since.