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Definition a structure linking a planet, moon, etc., with a space station or satellite which is in stationary orbit around it
OED requirements antedating 1975
Earliest cite J. Pearson 'Acta Astron.'
Comment Added to the OED in September 2004, as a sub-entry of "orbital"
Last modified 31 July, 2019

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1979 A. C. Clarke Fountains of Paradise 157 Whatever problems might still lie ahead, no one doubted now that the Orbital Tower was an idea whose time had come.
1979 A. C. Clarke Fountains of Paradise 160 For the very first time the construction of the proposed Orbital Tower gives us a chance of establishing fixed observatories in the ionosphere.
1979 A. C. Clarke Fountains of Paradise 51 At last we can build the Space Elevator–or the Orbital Tower, as I prefer to call it. For in a sense it is a tower, rising clear through the atmosphere, and far, far beyond ?
1992 F. Pohl Mining Oort (1993) 6 It was Artsutanov who proposed that if one were to position a satellite in geostationary orbit right over a planet's equator, and hang a cable thirty-six thousand kilometres long from it, the whole lash-up would amount to an “orbital tower”.