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Definition = hyperdrive
OED requirements antedating 1945
Earliest cite 'M. Leinster' 'First Contact'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1945 cite from Murray Leinster's "First Contact".

OED entry revised in December 2004, with an earliest cite of 1945 (was 1953)

Last modified 30 July, 2019

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1945 ‘M. Leinster’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction May 9/2 It was a light-year-and-a-half from the edge of the nebula to the neighborhood of the double star which was its heart. That was the problem. A nebula is a gas. It is so thin that a comet's tail is solid by comparison, but a ship traveling on overdrive–above the speed of light–does not want to hit even a merely hard vacuum.
1985 M. W. Bonanno Dwellers in Crucible vi.122 All of his senses were in overdrive, and he was sweating.
1985 M. W. Bonanno Dwellers in Crucible xiii.257 They'd been given the final go-ahead to retrieve the Warrantors, and Kirk's adrenaline had just kicked into overdrive.
1991 C. S. Friedman Black Sun Rising xxv. 212 There was only so long a body could function in overdrive, without sleep or food to sustain it.