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Definition a device that emits a beam that causes the target to be impelled away from the source of the beam; also the beam itself
OED requirements antedating 1931
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from Robert Heinlein. Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a 1965 reprint of E.E. Smith's "Triplanetary"; Derek Hepburn confirmed the cite in the original 1934 magazine appearance.

Enoch Forrester submitted a 1944 cite from George O. Smith's "Circle of Confusion" for the form "tractor-pressor beam". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1956 cite from Poul Anderson's "Margin of Profit". Cory Panshin submitted a cite from a reprint of Murray Leinster's "The Ethical Equations"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1945 magazine appearance. Rick Hauptmann submitted a 1931 cite from E.E. Smith's "Spacehounds of IPC". Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1960 cite from James White's "O'Mara's Orphan". Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1958 cite from James White's "Trouble With Emily". Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite for the form "presser beam" from a 2000 reprint of David Weber's 1999 "The Hard Way Home".

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Citations for pressor beam n.

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1931 Amazing Stories Sept. 544/2 We'll have them in three days, and it ought to be fairly simple to dope out the opposite of a tractor, too–a pusher or presser [sic] beam.
1944 ‘W. Long’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction Mar. 49/1 The careful positioning of the stations that held the warp of the collapsed fore element was lost as the tractor-pressor beam system took the unleashed overload current.
1945 ‘M. Leinster’ in Astounding Sci. Fiction June 122/1 By the way they're braced, there are tractor beams and pressor beams and–there are vacuum tubes that have grids but apparently work with cold cathodes.
1956 P. Anderson in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 58/1 A pressor beam lashed out, an invisible hammerblow of repulsion, five times the strength of the enemy tractor.
1958 J. White in New Worlds Sci. Fiction Nov. 30 My men say the pressor beam mounts were not designed to stand this sort of thing. Insufficiently braced. The hull plating has sprung in eight places.
1960 J. White in New Worlds Sci. Fiction Jan. 5 Sections which should have fitted together very often had to be modified to make them join properly, and this necessitated moving the sections together and apart several times with massed tractor and pressor beams.
1999 D. Weber Hard Way Home (2000) 313 Lift towers locked down and threw up barrier panels of their own, and immensely powerful presser beams snarled to life. No one could have built an effective wall of pressers all around the resort, but the designers had stationed the generators at strategic points.