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Definition at a speed below light-speed
OED requirements antedating 1966
Earliest cite P. Anderson 'A Sun Invisible'
Comment E.g. 'the call went out sublight to the transfer point'.

Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1992 reprint of Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon's "Generation Warriors"; Douglas Winston verified the cite in the 1991 first edition. Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a reprint of Richard Meredith's "We All Died At Breakaway Station"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1969 first magazine appearance. Dave Langford submitted a 1966 cite from Poul Anderson's "A Sun Invisible". Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a 1997 reprint of David Weber's 1996 "Honor Among Enemies".

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Citations for sublight adv.

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1966 P. Anderson in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Apr. 134/1 They'd also go sublight, and home on the neutrino emission of his power plant.
1969 Amazing Stories Mar. 73/2 They'll probably stay sub-light, Bracer thought. Not much point in their going back into star drive now. They know that they can whip us without using any fancy tactics. But would it help us to go FTL?
1991 A. McCaffrey & E. Moon Generation Warriors 153 That's how emergency calls went out: sublight to the transfer point, which launched the pod, and the pod carried only a standard message, plus its originating transfer code.
1996 D. Weber Honor Among Enemies (1997) 152 They'd made the centuries-long voyage sublight, in cryo, only to discover that the original survey had missed a minor point about their new home's ecosystem.