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Definition having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan
OED requirements antedating 1948
Earliest cite in 'Fantasy Book'
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1986 cite from Gary Wolfe's "Critical Terms for Science Fiction and Fantasy". Fred Galvin submitted a 1959 cite from Fancyclopedia 2. Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a letter by Charles Tanner in the September 1949 Startling Stories. Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 1995 reprint of Gene Wolfe's 1987 essay "From a House on the Borderland". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1990 cite from a book review by Donald Hassler in Extrapolation. Enoch Forrester submitted a 1991 cite from Peter David's "Q-in-law". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from Fantasy Book vol. 1 no. 3: this magazine has a 1948 copyright notice but no publication date; we would like to confirm its publication in 1948.
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1948 Fantasy Book 1 64 Tucker (Wilson, that is, of Chinese Doll and To Keep or Kill fame) will have his latest guessing game out about the time you read this. As with his preceding hits, it's fantasy, flavored with fannish happenings worked into the (hot) plot to tickle the risibilities of the cognoscenti.
1949 Startling Stories Sept. 144/1 Most of the old fannish activities of former years will be continued, and there'll be a couple of new things to surprise the fans with. The response of the fans and readers to the request for membership in the Convention Committee has been surprising.
1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 15 No less important to fannish than mundane drinking, this useful beverage is even given divine honors by the sect of Beeros, and worshipped either as Beer or Bheer.
1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 24 Or they may be ‘fannish translations’ of mundane stories/conventions.
1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 47 VanC walked thru the glass door of the Downey (Cal.) public library one day in 1950, winning fannish notoreity [sic] and a mention in the local paper.
1959 R. Eney Fancyclopaedia II (1979) 20 Big Name Fan , one of importance and influence in fandom; well-known and with a solid reputation. Fans who last long enough or are active enough eventually find that their names are known to other fen all over the country. The status is usually achieved by participating in fannish affairs for a long time, or publishing a top fanzine, producing quality writing and/or illustrations, or in any number of ways which keep one's name before the fans in a responsible manner. The term must be earned; it cannot be appropriated or purchased (Acts: 8:18-21), nor conferred on yourself or your friends. When newer fen gasp in awe on seeing you, you are a BNF. If they just gasp period you're making progress.
1961 National Fantasy Fan Feb. 6 Guy E. Terwilleger has advised me that an unexpectedly heavy load of school duty is forcing him to gafiate from all fannish activity, and to resign as Director of the NFFF.
1977 S. Wood Propellor Beanie in Algol Summer—Fall 23/1 It's really easy to start a genzine. All you need are a couple of neos with lots of time and enthusiasm; a couple of older fen with experience and enthusiasm (not to mention enough fannish contacts to make up a mailing-list); and a certain amount of mood-enhancers and sheer lunacy to get you to the point at which the thing stops being a great idea for Real Soon Now, and starts being a reality. A lot of crudzines are born that way.
1977 B. Ash Visual Encycl. Sci. Fiction (1978) 275/3 Fanzines fall into various classes. Fannish fanzines deal with fandom itself, often scurrilously (since the passing of the gentlemanly approach of First Fandom).
1987 G. Wolfe From House on Borderland in Horrorstruck Nov.—Dec. 20/2 From club meetings came meetings between clubs, at which members of the Outsiders might s.m.o.f. (this fan verb is derived from S ecret M asters o f F andom and indicates the forging of fannish political deals) with Insiders, and at which everyone discussed favorite stories and story concepts far into the night.
1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun xi. 141 People will write up stories in fan magazines describing the incident, and it will become part of fannish history.
1990 Extrapolation Spring 90 In short, one unique and important characteristic in the growth of the science fiction field that ought to be highlighted and studied more is fandom and the fan press. Delany was not exactly a fan at the start of his career, but he knew the evocative power for his readers of a fannish name like Ashton Clark–especially to evoke a sort of georgic hard work in the vineyards of a growing pulp field.
1991 L. Niven et al. Fallen Angels 131 You should see my collection of fannish art.
1991 Locus Sept. 64/2 Also missing are the fannish histories (Moskowitz's ‘The Immortal Storm’, Warner's ‘All Our Yesterdays’ and ‘A Wealth of Fable’), all of which contain the origins and history of a lot of fannish slang.
1991 Sci. Fiction Chron. May 4/1 The fannish awards included the Doc Weir Award.
1991 P. David Q-in-law Introd. p. xii, I was invited to no less than three conventions on the weekend of September 8th (the day Trek premiered), none of which I can go to since that's right around the due date of our third child. I am kind of hoping, in a fannish sort of way, that the baby's born right on that day.
1992 G. Wolfe From House on Borderland in Castle of Days (1995) 406 From this letter and a hundred more like it was born‥the subculture that calls itself fandom. From club meetings came meetings between clubs, at which members of the Outsiders might smof (this fan verb is derived fromS ecret M asters o f F andom and indicates the forging of fannish political deals) with Insiders, and at which everyone discussed favorite stories and story concepts far into the night.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 22/2 I've been shouted down at panels by loud-mouthed jackasses who demanded to known when we were going to cut out all this fannish crap and get down to the serious drinking.
1993 Locus Oct. iv. 45/3 My connection with the magazine ended abruptly in 1958 when Taurasi (for fannish political, or legalistic, reasons that might not interest anyone now, even if I could recall them with precision) tried to abort the 1958 World Science Fiction Convention.
1994 SFRA Rev. July 41 It's all there‥a fannish blurb by Frederik Pohl, an exquisite poem by David Lunde.
1994 Interzone Apr. 64/1 The new book ‥ concerns Doctor Who and marks the 30th anniversary of the television show which boasts a level of fannish adulation second only, perhaps, to the likes of Star Trek and The Prisoner.
1994 Interzone Dec. 35/3 The magazine has carried an unexplained millstone of ill-will in the fannish world for many years.
1997 Entertainm. Weekly 26 Sept. 84 Not that Seinfeld inflames the fannish heart. Nor do most of TV's other top 20 shows. While The X-Files has inspired about 130 fanfic sites, the more highly rated ER and Friends tally 6 and 3, respectively; Seinfeld, none that AltaVista knows about.
2001 Sci. Fiction Chron. July 37/3 We love Fred Pohl. We have the same fannish attachments and passion and dream and desire to get close to these people by any means.
2001 Sci. Fiction Chron. Mar. 51/1 These were usually stories about specific fans and people he knew, the byproduct of his fannish (and non-fannish) socializing.