PangramTweets is a bot (a computer program that runs on its own) that searches Twitter for, and then retweets, pangrams—texts that contain every letter of the alphabet. A famous pangram, sometimes used as a typing test, is “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” (The bot often turns up this very example, though it is now filtered out of the results.)

You may find the results interesting, or dull. I make no judgment on this. The bot is entirely automated; I do not curate the results.

The bot scans Twitter’s “sample” feed, which contains only about 1% of the full Twitter stream, so it will not necessarily find any given pangram on Twitter.

I strip out user names and URLs from the results, but hashtags are included. I also do some very basic filtering to try to ensure that the results are in English, are not complete gibberish (random letters), do not include simply quotations of the entire alphabet, etc., though earlier versions of the bot did retweet nonsense or foreign-language pangrams.

If you have any comments or questions about PangramTweets, please get in touch!