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Press coverage

The press (here used to refer to all media) occasionally find me worth writing (broadcasting, etc.) about. Here are some of the highlights. There's a lot more, if you bother to look.

  • In Long Island City, Now Ariving in No Man's Land, N.Y. Times, 4 December 2015, coverage of one of the trespass speakeasies I've been involved with.
  • Food & Wine Magazine, November 2007, profile
    I like to cook. Some people think I do it well.
  • Charlie Rose Show, 12 April 2006, interview with guest-host William Safire
  • Do You Speak American?, PBS documentary, January 2005
    I was a consultant for, and talking head on, this PBS special, featuring Robert MacNeil.
  • Biography Magazine, May 2003, profile
    Link is to the author's personal website; the magazine itself is not online.
  • The University of Chicago Magazine, February 2001
    Extensive profile in my college alumni magazine.
  • 60 Minutes II, March 2001
    Full segment profile by Bob Simon.
  • The New York Times, front-page profile, 19 August 2000
    It's a front-page profile in the NYT. Nuff ced.
  • New York Magazine, "The 100 Smartest New Yorkers," 30 January 1995
    If I'd been one of the hundred smartest people in the Random House building at the time, I'd be pretty happy. But it sounds good.